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The New Free Speech: how people stopped SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, in the name of free speech

France24 discusses American Censorship Day

The Stop SOPA Song

People mobilize to stop SOPA

Former Homeland Security + NSA official warns SOPA creates cybersecurity risk

Stewart Baker, former Homeland Security Assistant Secretary and General Counsel to the National Security Agency, wrote a key article for Politico that criticized SOPA's domain name blocking as a feature that would harm the efforts to make the Internet more secure from cyber attacks. Click here for the article.

Phil DeFranco: SOPA threatens Internet censorship

Pelosi tweets against SOPA

American Censorship Day

House Judiciary Committee hearing on SOPA

Floyd Abrams writes letter for MPAA that SOPA doesn’t violate First Amendment

"The Stop Online Piracy Act's procedural protections are so strong, uniform and constitutionally rooted that it is no exaggeration to observe that complaints in this area seem not be be really with the bill, but with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure itself...."

VP Biden champions Internet freedom; warns against “solutions that rationalize government takeover” of Internet

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